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3D-Lipo is the Most Talked About Body Treatment in The UK!

3D-lipo is constantly featured in national headlines and talked about by top celebrities! Rococo is the only salon in Torquay who offers 3D-Lipo treatments.

Body Contouring at its best

Our 3D-Lipo Ultimate machine targets various concerns for the body, including Targeted Fat Reduction, Cellulite and Skin-Tightening, using the latest in Non- Surgical Technology.

The next generation multi-platform containing the latest combination of advanced technologies designed to offer a complete & prescriptive approach to both the Face & Body.

Our before-after 3D-Lipo images speak to themselves!

Get to know our 3D-Lipo Ultimate treatments

Duo Cryolipolysis 3D-Lipo treatment available at Rococo Body Face Beauty in Torquay

Duo Cryolipolysis

Using the unique combination of electro and cryotherapy, 20-40% of the fat cells in the area treated die in a natural way and dissolve over the course of several months. Two areas can now be treated simultaneously.

HIFU Face & Body 3D-Lipo treatment available at Rococo Body Face Beauty in Torquay

HIFU Face & Body


The latest technology delivering a 24 line matrix of focussed energy at a depth of 1.3cm +8mm. The controlled thermal effect results in the destruction of targeted fat as well as contraction of collagen in the treatment area. Benefits are faster treatment times and a more targeted focus.


Highly focussed acoustic energy creates a wound healing response resulting in formation of new collagen to lift and tighten the skin in just one single session

Cavitation logo 3D-Lipo treatment available at Rococo Body Face Beauty in Torquay


Cavitation for overall circumference reduction is the latest non-invasive body contouring treatment for localised fat and deep cellulite. Our powerful 200 watt output boasts twin transducers ensuring a large treatment area and reduced treatment time.

RF Face & Body logo 3D-Lipo treatment available at Rococo Body Face Beauty in Torquay

RF Face & Body

Focus fractional RF is the 3rd generation of RF technology. It utilises three or more pole/ electrodes to deliver the RF energy under the skin. This energy is controlled and limited to the treatment area. Key advantages are high treatment efficacy, no pain as less energy is required, shorter treatment services and variable depths of penetration.

Shockwave Therapy logo 3D-Lipo treatment available at Rococo Body Face Beauty in Torquay

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy works by stimulating fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage via the delivery of radial shockwaves. This is the latest  technology clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase skin elasticity.

What should you expect before and during your 3D-Lipo treatment

Your first appointment will be a 30 minute consultation with our trained therapist. There is a booking fee of £50 which is redeemable against your treatment cost.
We take down your medical information to ensure that the client is suitable for treatment and that there are no contra-indications.
Your therapist will give you advice on which treatment is most suitable and an approximate guide to cost. If applicable, a patch test is also carried out.
After the consultation, you will receive an email with a written Treatment Plan with a cost. Once you approve this, we book the treatment in.
At the treatment appointment, we take photographs and measurements so that we can compare the before and after results.
The treatment is carried out and this varies between 30-45 minutes on average.
All consultations and treatments are carried out in our fully air-conditioned clean clinic room or for the HIFU work, this is done in the Facial Suite.

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If you have any questions about any of our 3D-Lipo treatments, please get in touch with our friendly therapists.